Task list

Task 20210128_0808
Estimate : 240 man hours for this task
Payment : 12,000,000 Avtric shares.
Language : Any environment where the compiler is free or reasonably priced. We have a preference for Forth.
Notes : Please check with us before you start coding as payment will only be allocated if we can compile the code on Avtrics systems. We will also need documentation of all base mathematical functions and tuning parameters used in the code.

  1. Base system. Model a system imitating 2 feet in 2 dimensional plane.
    1. Start with a mass at a point above the ground representing the body.
    2. Add 2 points representing the feet each with a mass.
    3. Create the response to a step function whereby the mass moves in the horizontal plane (x direction) and
      1. the feet masses swing as pendulums assuming there is no friction with the ground plane.
    4. Note – the pivot point for the feet pendulum is 0.2 below the height of the body mass.
  2. Using the system at 1. create a controller which
    1. locks one of the feet in place before the body mass is moved, but only in terms of a high frictional resistance with a ground plane. If upwards forces are exerted on the locked foot enough to lift it, then all frictional locking ceases.
    2. specifies when the swinging foot connects and disconnects to the ground plane in a binary manner
    3. adds torques to the pivot point to place the swinging foot at a point of equilibrium whereby the body mass will not rotate around a combination of
      1. the locked foot point,
      2. or the swinging foot point when the system decides it will also lock to the ground
      3. and meet the ground plane (fall over).