We are looking for rather unique university qualified engineers, mathematicians and physicists. Preferably with an artistic flair. You will have to prove that you have some sort of grasp of a few different programming language and be competent in Linux systems operating at the terminal level. We also have a preference for control systems engineers with a high competence in mechanical and electrical applications of their control systems knowledge.
We need practical people. Sure you may be a mathematician, or a chemist, but can you pick up a welder and make complex shapes? Can you get on CAD and create unique items with fibre reinforce plastics on a 3D printer? Can you build in glass reinforced plastics by hand? Can you do carpentry? Can you run an industrial sewing machine? If we said to you build a jet, a tractor, a motorbike, a bridge, could you? Could you look us in the eye and know you can. Can you prove it?

IF this sounds like you then please contact us.